Wesley’s Wood Molding will create all your dream carpentry work, including wall trim and molding. What better way to accent your home than by adding trim work? In the world of carpentry finish work, crown molding and baseboards are a part of trim and molding. To keep it simple we will go over several types of trim and molding. 

Wall Trim and Molding

What Are Wall Trim & Molding? 

Trim and molding are accent pieces for a wall such as crown molding or baseboards. The design possibilities are endless and all depends on how you want the space to look. Designs style vary from chic and elegant to simple and rustic. If you are undecided on a style, we are more than happy to assist with a selection. 

Trim and molding is available in a variety of materials, all made with budget and design in mind. Some of the materials include but are not limited to: medium-density fiberboard, wood, PVC trim and polyurethane. Below are listed some of the most requested trim and molding installations. 

Our Carpentry Services:

Trim and Molding
Crown Molding – The most popular sought after molding, is a molding installed on the top edge of a wall to create an elegant top finish. Crown molding can be expensive but it is known to increase property value. The installation can be intimidating as walls are not flat or straight but an experienced professional would have no problem. 
Baseboards – Similar to how crown molding is the “crown” to a wall, the baseboards are the “shoe”. Baseboards are installed at the bottom of a wall and cover the “gap” which exists between the floor and wall. The “gap” is typically seen as not visually appealing and a baseboard installation will create an elegant touch. In addition to visual appeal, baseboards protect the wall from shoe marks and vacuums. 

Chair Rail – Chair rails is a molding which is installed at the height of an arm rest. It is an elegant touch to the wall and typically accompanied by wainscoting.  Chair rails are a chic addition to a wall as it can serve as a wall divider for two paint colors.  

Wainscoting– This is a special trim and molding made of panels which are installed onto the wall and below a chair rail. Wainscoting can be purchased pre-built and ready to be installed or we can create custom panels with a design and material of your choosing. 

Custom– Any type of trim and molding which does not fit into a category but you have a design in mind; we can help you realize it. Custom trim and molding is a happily accepted challenge by our experienced carpenters who enjoy creating unique pieces of finish work. 

Our experienced team members are fully capable of installing all your trim and molding needs. Whether you want an elaborate crown molding or a pre-built wainscoting; we will be here to fully support all your installation needs. Installing trim and molding is an exciting house project to undertake and it is thrilling to see your walls change from plain sight to an elegant space.